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9 May Thursday to 12 May Sunday

sunny 25 °C
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Big drive today. Left iluka at 10am and hit the pacific highway. First stop Springwood in Brisbane for a cup of tea with Wayne and Jackie, Sherrie’s cousin and his wife. Our dear friend Fiona (fondly now known as FIFO) works for a legal firm with an office in Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns, caught a taxi from work at her Brisbane Office to Wayne and Jackie’s house. Fiona organized her Brisbane Office visit with our trip so she could join in. After Fiona arrived we said our goodbyes to Wayne and Jackie and set off for the last part of our journey for today, a 100 k drive to Maroochydore to stay with Fiona’s Uncle Neil. It was a torrid peak hour drive through Brisbane with a terrifying roundabout that we likened to National Lampoons Vacation after we entered it with our camper and couldn’t get off. Ahhhh. It was such a big drive from iluka to Maroochydore so it was great to get to uncle Neils. And Woah what a house. Tri level, overlooking the ocean with a gorgeous swimming pool. Uncle Neil is a builder and this would be the most beautiful house I have ever been in. Sherrie, Fiona and I have the bottom floor all to ourselves, complete with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a lounge room. Just amazing. In our time here we have powerwalked the boardwalk foreshores of Maroochydore finishing that with a full bacon and egg breakfast at one of the delightful café’s on the boardwalk. We loved it so much we are getting up again at 6am tomorrow to do it again this time in the other direction. Uncle Neil took us fishing out in his boat. Best time ever. In fact this could so far be the highlight of our trip as I caught 2 whiting and 2 bream and Sherrie caught a whiting. What a great day out on the water. We also managed a night out. Kinda nice dressing up and putting on heels and makeup after camping. We had dinner at the surf club in Maroochydore as Uncle Neil is a surf lifesaver as well as an avid rower and fisherman. It was just darling there at his club and we even managed a stint on the dance floor. Lots of fun. Once again it will be difficult to move on as it has been so lovely here. I said to Uncle Neil that I would be just as happy to go around his lounge room for 12 months instead of Australia. Ha ha

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sunny 27 °C
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Left Tuncurry Thursday morning and headed up to Coffs Harbour stopping at gorgeous Scotts Head for a picnic lunch. Really great to get to Cherelle and Daron’s. Parked swifty in the drive and settled in for a roast chicken dinner with our queen of chardy, Cherelle. Lots of laughs and just great to be together.
Day 1 in Coffs was Friday and Cherelle managed an early mark so the three of us could drive into the hinterland in Coffs Harbour for a lunch in a quaint little café which was an old converted tram. A great lunch which was accompanied with a nice glass of wine of course. We ended a great day with a local club dinner and a stint on the dance floor at one of the local pubs. Band was great and the 3 of us dominated the dance floor. The band thanked us at the end of their gig, for dancing to their songs as it got everyone else up. We were very enthusiastic dancers particularly when they sang PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY. Ahhhh frightening recalling that the next morning.
Day 2 was nurse the hangover and pack the champers into the esky with a chook and salad and hit the beach at Mullaway. We swam in the surf which was awesome. Water is so clear up here and freaky warm for this time of year.
Day 3 in Coffs was brilliant. We drove out to Dorrigo and checked our Dangar falls before power walking the 6 k track through the rainforest
Day 4 in Coffs was all about sorting Swifty out. Daron helped me out with a PVC pipe to pop on the roof racks to store our fishing rods then I had a local sheet metal fabrication company knock up a tool box and fix it to the draw bar on swifty. He did have to move the gas bottle forward a little to fit his tool box. All set now for the trip. Despite the commitment to sorting swifty out today we still snuck in some fun. Lunch at the yacht club was beautiful with its sunny balcony overlooking the ocean and later in the evening Sherrie, Cherelle and I participated in aqua aerobics whilst Ellen did lap swimming. Thinking of heading out tomorrow. Hard to leave here it’s been so lovely.

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Day trips from Tuncurry

sunny -27 °C

Woke up early and packed a picnic lunch then headed to Wingham Brush to see the big trees. Awesome. We went there together as children whilst on holidays with my parents. All posh now with boardwalks and signage. We then lunched and fished at Old Bar then fished off the jetty at Manning Point. Despite fishing all day with lures, prawns and lots of tangled line. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So it was lamb chops again. Which were fantastic. Both determined to catch and eat fish. Stay tuned on this one.

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29 April 2013 to 1 Mary 2013 (3 nights)

sunny 27 °C

30 April
Tuesday morning and time to sort out our car, luggage pod and swifty. Felt good to sort out all the things that we had thrown in, in haste. We then walked to Bi Lo and stocked up on groceries. Clare and Errol visited us for coffee in the afternoon and then Sherrie and I got out our fishing rods and hit about 3 different fishing spots. We have brand new beautiful rods. Rods that join in the centre. We are definitely rookies at this. Not only did we not catch any fish, Sherrie managed to spend most of her shore time untangling her reel and I managed to cast out the entire top half of my rod off the jetty. We were hysterically laughing at one point. Consequently we had lamb chops and salad for dinner. Neither of us are quitter though and we will not stop until we catch a fish.

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First day on the road Monday 29 April 2013

sunny 26 °C

Monday morning and we are off. Neighbours came for those last minute hugs (yes there were some pyjama hugs) Sherrie and I were so amazed and excited as we hit the freeway. The realization of what we were about to do had hit home. There was so much build up to leaving. Both leaving our jobs, Sherrie releasing her apartment to move in with me, the home maintenance and then the prep for the trip Ahhhh. Very busy and quite exhausting.
Then whilst on the freeway, we cranked up the music and wound down the windows and thought wow we are doing this. Finally!!!!!!
Sherrie unwrapped her packet of buttermenthols and we clinked them together with a “cheers” before popping them into our mouths grinning from ear to ear.
Slight set back when we got to Hexam as there was an accident on the bridge so we were forced right into Newcastle by the police detour operation. We just went round in circles and it took ages before we escaped via the Nelson Bay turn off.
We chose Tuncurry as our first stop as it is only 300 ks from home and near friends Clare and Errol. Clare and Errol were great as they showed us around in their 4wd and later helped us rig up our fishing rods, sort out our awning problems and generally welcome us. I worked with Clare at Hotpoint for nearly a decade. She was my work mum there and is such a lovely lady.
We had a great first day with the drive up and then the set up of swifty. Actually after we had unhitched and set her up completely in almost darkness we realized the power cord wouldn’t reach the van so we had to wind up the legs and wind down the jockey wheel and then use brut strength to push her back a metre so we could have power. Next time we will remember to check. Ha ha.
We then showered and dolled ourselves up and visited a couple of the local clubs for dinner and red wine shots. We drink fast and ate slow. Later we tucked ourselves into our beds both equipped with laptops, head sets and a portable hard drive each loaded with films. We didn’t last long before we snored and fell asleep.

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