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21 June Friday

sunny 26 °C
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Sherrie and I loved Granite Gorge so much in the Atherton Tablelands that we decided to take Cherelle and Ellen there to camp for one night. They loved it as much as we did. Cherelle put the chardy and cheese picnic spin on our stay there. It was just lovely. Consequently in the evening Cherelle passed out in a chardy induced coma whilst Ellen, Sherrie and I played 3 games of Monopoly (Nop Nops) and 1 game of Yahtzee (Yah Yahs)

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19 June Wednesday 20 June Thursday

sunny 25 °C
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We put swifty on the car ferry and drove up through the Daintree Rainforest to camp at PK’s right on the beach at Cape Tribulation. We had an unpowered site so it was time to use the gas stove and fridge in Swifty. I must say we did well cooking up some spaghetti Bol on the first night and degustation (lots of different leftovers) on the second night. Sherrie and I went jungle surfing which involved being harnessed in a flying fox and swinging from large tree to large tree. We were so high up we could see the ocean. The Daintree Rainforest is the oldest living rainforest in the world, even surviving the ice age.

Cherelle and Ellen went snorkeling and took some amazing photographs. We enjoyed many walks along the beach and through the mangroves and rainforests.

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17 June Monday to 18 June Tuesday

sunny 25 °C
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We spent two nights in Port Douglas. Fiona, Bruce and Tanya stayed in a 2 bedroom 2 story apartment at a resort close to our campsite. We all piled into their fancy place and enjoyed copious amounts of wine and good food in the evening and adventured during the day.

Cherelle, Ellen, Sherrie and I went to Mossman Gorge for the day and swam in what we all agreed was the most magical place ever.

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14 June Friday to 16 June Sunday

sunny 32 °C
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Yay we are finally all together. Fiona, Bruce, Cherelle Ellen and Tanya all flew in to Cairns to meet up with us. We all stayed at the Crystal Cascades Caravan Park which was a gorgeous spot nestled in the mountains. We adventured in the day and cooked together in the evenings . There were a few hangovers from three nights of wine guzzling. Lots of laughs.

Sherrie and I spent lots of time at the man made lagoon in Cairns. Just beautiful how it overlooks the ocean when you are in the pool. We also finally got the door on swifty repaired. It kept opening up in the night if one of us moved or even rolled over in bed. That’s been a pain for the whole time we have been away. All fixed now.

We all caught a boat over to Green Island for the day for the best snorkeling ever. Tanya lent me her under water camera and I took a million shots. Even under water selfies. We laughed at our tele tubby stinger suits. Especially Bruce which we have nicknamed blue bottle. It was a great little island. We walked around the entire island in 20 minutes.

We also caught the cable car up to Kuranda for a crepe lunch and some market shopping. I BOUGHT A DRESS. Miracle. Feels good to look a bit girlie after hard core camping for so long. Chris and Heather (Fiona’s friends that are lucky enough to live in Cairns) joined us up there for lunch. We had a really happy day together.

On our final day Sherrie and I managed a quick swim in a magnificent waterhole at Crystal Cascades which was only a 10 minute drive from our campsite. We always feel so lucky every time we swim. It is the middle of winter and the weather in Cairns is a warm sunny 31 degrees.

Cherelle and Ellen will stay and travel with Sherrie and I now until we reach Darwin. The four of us will be together now for around 5 weeks in Swifty for some red dirt and national park exploring as we cross the northern territory.

Fiona (FIFO), Bruce and Tanya will fly in to Darwin to meet up with us and camp with us again.

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9 June Sunday to 13 June Thursday

rain 24 °C
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Wow 5 nights camped in the Atherton Tablelands. Feels like home to us now. We have left no stone unturned in the Atherton Tablelands. Lake Eacham is a crater lake. We walked the 3 kilometres around this beautiful lake through lush rainforest and giant trees. We also swam in its crystal clear waters. Who would have thought we would be swimming in the middle of winter?

We also walked the 5 kilometer perimeter of its sister crater lake,Lake Barrine. It has 5 kilometres of beautiful lush rainforest and giant trees around its perimeter.

Yungaburra is home to the Giant Curtain Fig tree and has a boardwalk all around its base. It is a sight to see indeed.

Sherrie’s muddy bottom photo was taken on a platypus hunt. We saw a platypus on our creek walk but didn’t get our cameras out in time. Once again too excited. It’s been raining on and off here for the 5 days here and the track was very muddy. Poor Sherrie. Covered in mud.

On one of our rainy days we explored the three major water falls here. Millaa Millaa Falls, Zillie Falls and I will have to check the name of the last one. Sorry forget now. All beautiful though.

The highlight of our stay here was Granite Gorge. It was a pretty serious walk though. Leaping over giant boulders and fast flowing streams. Only for the fit, this walk. We loved the rock wallabies. We felt compelled to wear our camp hats in order to blend in. They certainly were not shy animals and constantly hopped around our feet.

Our campsite here was the best. Small and quiet. Used the camp kitchen here a lot to cook our food and socialise. Last night we had a 6 handed game of Euchre over a couple of wines. Nice way to end the day. With a laugh. The park owner here feeds all the wild ducks. He has a beautiful pond here. Love the big turkey that terrorizes our campsite and the KIA every time we try and leave. He absolutely will not move from the front of our car each time we leave for the day. The more I toot the horn the more he gobbles. So funny.

We even managed to watch THE VOICE here. Big excitement for us. The lovely park owners told us we could sneak into one of the empty cabins and watch it in style. So we poured ourselves a Bacardi and off we trotted. People are so nice in the country.

We always cook our own food and pack a picnic lunch everyday. We have a great routine. We did however sneak in for a lovely pub lunch at Tolga on one of the wet days. Seafood baskets and a cider each. Yum.

The Atherton tablelands are magnificent. Undulating plains and rolling green hills. We have taken loads of video footage on our drives here, as each corner we turn we are just in awe of its beauty. Time to push on though. Cherelle, Ellen, Fiona, Bruce and Tanya await us at our next destination. Stay tuned to see where we end up…..

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